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Alabama town to offenders: Go to church or go to jail

The small town of Bay Minette, Alabama is telling people convicted of small crimes to choose Jesus or choose jail.

Starting this week, the city judge will implement Operation Restore Our Community (ROC), which gives misdemeanor offenders a choice between fines and jail or a year of Sunday church services.

Critics charge that the program is unfair to some minority religious groups because of the 56 participating churches, none are mosques or synagogues. And Atheists have no choice but compromise their beliefs or go to jail.

Ah, Alabama.  Where religious freedom goes to die…

Freaking hilarious!

Freaking hilarious!

Judgement Day- Intelligent Design on Trial

This is the story of the lawsuit and trial in Dover, PA over the teaching of intelligent design in science classes.  It is not just a great documentary about the trial, but also gives great scientific explanations involving evolution, the politics behind intelligent design, and just how devisive religious politics can be on a community.